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BTD6: ROTS Expansion (aka BTD6E, BTD6 Expansion, or BTD6: ROTSE) is a purchaseable pack for BTD6. It costs 200 NK coins, or $20.

New TracksEdit

  • Beginner:
  • Intermediate: Extreme 6, Temple Interior
  • Advanced: Pipe Works, Laser Vision
  • Expert: Pyramid Climb
  • Extreme: Rainbow
  • Insane (exclusive): Robo Factory, Portals, Hypno Puzzle

New TowersEdit

  • Bubble Gum Blower
  • Monkey Mech

New BloonsEdit

Obsidian Bloon (RBE: 258) Takes 50 hits to kill, spawns 2 ceramics.

Demon Blimp: (RBE: 1332) Blue Bloon speed, 300 hits, spawns 4 obsidians.


What!? New Expansion for BTD6?? For $20/200 NK Coins, purchase this expansion with new tracks, a new difficulty (Insane), new towers, agents, and missions. AND 2 NEW BLOONS!