Pre-round comments appear in every BTD game. Here's a list of all of them shown through Round 1 to 521.


,,/ means that the round has no comment after you beat it.

  1. That was too easy. 30 more coming up.
  2. Blue Bloons ahead.
  3. /
  4. Blue and red at the same time. Well, it could be true next round.
  5. If you unlock a tower, you have it permanently, unless you have a NK account.
  6. A ton of towers and bloons are added. By the way, greens are coming.
  7. /
  8. Wonder why Ice Tower's unlocked earlier? Ranks have changed.
  9. You can do non-BTD6 stuff. If you have nostalgia, play BTD5.
  10. Good ol' yellow bloons. Too fast for towers to pop.
  11. First regens coming up.
  12. Having fun?
  13. Pink Bloons are coming up. They are faster than yellows.
  14. Purples appear this round.
  15. /
  16. Hey...the orange bloons might kill you this round.
  17. Black bloons approaching.
  18. /
  19. Like the regens last round? They are hard.
  20. White bloons are immune to freezing. NOW you have to rely on Gunners.
  21. Some references are in this game. Hint.
  22. /
  23. Ninja Monkeys are needed.
  24. /
  25. Did you imagine Regen and Camo at the same time? If yes, this is the round you are looking for.
  26. /
  27. Zebra Bloons go whinny, don't they?
  28. Rainbow bloons, pretty fast, pretty deadly, and pretty pretty. They're rainbows, aren't they?
  29. /
  30. Might want to use explosives for the next round.
  31. First damaging bloons coming up.
  32. Camo were in those bloons.
  33. /
  34. /
  35. One spawner bloon. Are you up to the challenge?
  36. /
  37. Health and damages are here. Noticed the towers lately?
  38. 4th upgrades are very powerful.
  39. Here's some more spawner bloons.
  40. Liked those ceramics?
  41. Next round is the answer to life, the unvierse, and everything.
  42. Watch out for round 49!
  43. Wait a second... at the previous comment, that was the same round to watch for at BTD5!
  44. We told you there would be references.
  45. Round 46 includes the first blimp ever made.
  46. You knew the M.O.A.B.? It still owns you.
  47. /
  48. Got any Super Monkeys yet?
  49. If you on easy mode you will get bronze medal next round if you complete this one
  50. /
  51. Let's step this up a bit. This is getting too easy for you. Money from bloons are reduced.
  52. /
  53. Aqua Bloons falling at the track right now.
  54. Camo Bloon hordes are approaching.
  55. Save your darts for later, a Gold Bloon is coming. It reveals 2 rainbows when popped so cease fire.
  56. /
  57. /
  58. /
  59. Might want to think about this for a bit.
  60. Gotta go fast! The T.U.R.B.O's here!
  61. /
  62. Next round is too damn hard. (see, we revealed the curse word!)
  63. Liked 122 ceramics and 75 leads?
  64. /
  65. Liked the B.F.B.?
  66. /
  67. I don't recommend throwing a dart in part of this round.
  68. /
  69. You might want to check your special agents. There's a lot now!
  70. /
  71. In a couple of rounds is the princesses. You have been warned.
  72. /
  73. /
  74. You better watch out for their star showers.
  75. lot's of ceramic bloons next round!
  76. /
  77. will be hard for you
  78. /
  79. I'm stern about this round, this one's a beast.
  80. /
  81. We're still going, and your money's going down... unless you have a farm.
  82. /
  83. lots of MOABs next level
  84. Last level for hard mode
  85. /
  86. /
  87. According to BTD5, overkill isn't in the monkey glossary... unless you count temples or other towers...
  88. /
  89. /
  90. I guess you've unlocked a lot of towers now...
  91. 200 MOAB's approaching.
  92. Acording to secret files, bloons can actually speak! Now, that's a wierd discovery!
  93. /
  94. /
  95. Hmmm... there's a strange amount of ZOMG's now...
  96. /
  97. Mwahahahahaha. Check RBE.
  98. I bet the low health BGM from Pokemon Black and White is playing in your head now.
  99. You have reached to one hundred after completing this one...
  100. orange bloons will kill you!
  101. be ready for 70 BFBs
  102. apopalyse bloons coming
  103. now rbe will be 2x i think so....
  104. fast zomg will be!
  105. /
  106. /
  107. /
  108. superb's not lucky
  109. /

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