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Monkey Mechs (1190/1400/1510) are kinda weak at first, as they attack slowly. They pop up to 4 [layers of bloon by grabbing and pinching.

Path 1Edit

  1. Extra Force (425/500/540) Pops leads and 7 layers.
  2. Powered Pincer (680/800/865) Pops 10 layers!
  3. Dartling Cannon (1000/1175/1270) Has an independently firing dart cannon.
  4. Robo-Melter (5950/7000/7560) Laser cannon replaces darts, can shoot missiles.

Path 2Edit

  1. Engineering Improvements (340/400/430) Longer range and faster pinching/reaching.
  2. Superproved (510/600/650) A better version of last upgrade.
  3. Double Pincers (1020/1200/1295) Has 2 pincers.
  4. Radiation Leak Ability (3400/4000/4320) Ability leaks radiation onto rack, popping bloons.

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