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Welcome to Bloons Fanon Wiki

Bloons Fanon Wiki is a wiki in which you can submit your Bloons Ideas. BTD Ideas can be added as well. OOH! How about BLIMPS!?!?!?

Bloons Fanon Wiki, where the ideas are!

Make your Bloons/BTD Ideas (The games are on NinjaKiwi) and tell them what they're about!

Latest activity

  • 9/2/11: ASDFMOVIE4 CAME OUT!
  • 9/1/11: Happy September! 7-ber! WORK ON THE PAGES! AND WIKI!
  • 8/12/11: Fortanono came. Instant sysoping for him.
  • 7 the eighth, twenty 'levin: Expand stubs!
  • July that sixth, Twenteh Elefen: Get ready for a load of what's in my geniusmind.
  • Earlier - Roberto1205 came. YAY!
  • Even Earlier - Achievements!
  • Way much earlier: Birth of this wiki!

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