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This article is of something that's FANMADE, and users own it instead of NinjaKiwi.
The C.O.M.M.A.N.D.O R.U.S.H (Commando: rush Of Mega MoAbs aND Op,RUshing the enemieS witH weapons) is a blimp that has 1 HP.But it also has 10 Auracrysts,meaning a total of 150001 HP.It moves as fast as a Z.O.M.G..First appears in round 264213,it can be damaged only by Nazi Towers and holds 2 A.T.O.T.Ws.

The C.O.M.M.A.N.D.O R.U.S.H


Missile: Shoots a missile to a tower,dealing 20 damage and exploding in a 20px radius.The explosion deals 39/2 damage.

Flag Cannon: Shoots 10 flags to Bloons,but not M.O.A.B. Class,turning them into Assault Bloons.

Mega Moab spawn: Spawns 2 Mega Moabs.Can be used only on round 1212 and up.

Final BOOM!: When popped,it explodes,dealing 39*18 damage in a 39 px radius.


The final attack is OP.

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