the (not so) final version...


all from fmbtd to fmbtd 3 (including techno mode towers)


all from fmbtd to fmbtd 3 (including techno mode bloons)

moab-class bloonsEdit

all from fmbtd to fmbtd 3 (including techno mode moabs)


all from fmbtd to fmbtd 3 (including futuristic tracks)


  • you notice there is "all from fmbtd to fmbtd 3", it has all of them
  • there versions doesn't count
  • there tower's prices are cheaper
  • road placed are now moved to towers
  • Techno mode returns, however the player must complete every track on hard difficulty to unlock it.
  • There's an option to enable "Hardcore mode" which makes everything harder and faster.
  • fmbtd 5: the true final chapter will be coming soon. 
  • fmbtd 5 will be the hardest of all the fan made btd games.
  • fmbtd 5 will include new bloons like the Inhalation Bloon, Missile bloon, Moab v2, and more!
  • It will also include new towers like Train Monkey, Bazooka Monkey, Laser Turret and Waterhose!
  • It's not the true final.

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