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The Force Monkey is a four-trick pony that uses forces to destroy bloons. Like the Monkey Apprentice, it uses its old forces with its new ones. It begins with two forces: Thunder Ring and Gravity Well. Thunder Ring is a yellow ring of energy that stops one bloon in place.

The Gravity Well.

That bloon then releases five thunderbolts that freeze other bloons. Gravity Well sucks in nearby bloons and fires them to the start. This tower appears in the fan-made game Paper Bloons Tower Defense. The Force Monkey costs 3050 coins in medium.


Electrical Overload: Thunder Ring fires ten bolts instead of five.

Weak Force: Fires a radioactive ball that completely dissolves three bloons to nothing! Dissolves Ceramic Bloons to Pinks, and does not dissolve blimps.

Strong Force: Fires a ball of energy that stops nearby bloons on impact, then explodes, popping 3 layers of each!

Grand Unified: A destructive energy ray that destroys any bloon in its path.