Fanon Alert!
This article is of something that's FANMADE, and users own it instead of NinjaKiwi.

L.O.D. stands for legend of death. It holds 4 S.E.O.B.s, is the child of the U.M.D.D. and it's HP is 30,000. It is a WarShip class bloon. It is obviously very difficult to pop and though it is extremely slow, you need major damage towers to take it down. it comes on round 200, and if you are thinking you want to try to beat it, you will want to allocate FMBTD(c) at least 1.5-2 gig. of ram, or else it will crash and all your work will be pathetically useless.(LOL) It's RBE is 1,252,000. yes, if it gets halfway through the track you're scrooed. have fun trying to beat this, it really is a heart pounder. There will be 56 googol L.O.D.s on round 1 googol.

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