B&W Bloon

Contains 10 Zebra Bloons

Has the look of an inverted Zebra Bloon

First appears at Round 420

Requires 100 hits to destroy

Can only be popped by Technological Terror

Immune to corrosive glue


O.M.E.G.A. Bloon

First appears at Round 450

can shoot Towers to stun them for 2 seconds

Requires 100000 hits to destroy

Can only be popped by The 0,1,2/4 sub Tower

Immune to glue, 0,1,2/4 mortar Tower, Ice Tower, and glue Strike


Monkey Tank

it can move in place to place and shoot bullets that can blow up, also it can ran over Bloons for one damage and have two abilities

cost: 800 (easy) 900 (normal) 1000 (hard) 1200 (Impoppable)

path 1:

Fast Shooting Tank: can shoot faster. cost: 300, 370, 500, 590

Faster bullets: bullets moves much Faster. cost: 380, 490, 570, 680

mini gun: adds a mini gun that can pop Black and Zebra Bloons. cost: 700, 790, 870, 940

Anti-MOAB gun: adds a Anti-MOAB gun that can do 6x damage to MOABs Class Bloons. cost: 950, 1200, 1350, 1540

path 2:

longer range: can shoot more far. cost: 250, 360, 430, 510

bigger bullets: can do more damage and can have bigger blast. cost: 470, 590, 700, 760

Anti-camo gun: add a Anti-camo gun that can shoot at camo bloons meaning that can be seen by any other Tower. cost: 690, 770, 860, 980

Tank commander Monkey: can have a Tank commander that uses his mega cannon to shoot at the Bloons. cost: 910, 1000, 1300, 1510


RPG: the Tank commander can shoot a very powerful blast that can pop a MOAB in one shot. time: 50 seconds

targeting range: the Monkey Tank can shoot in any range for 20 seconds. time: 40 seconds