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Monkey Tank



$4000 in Easy, $4500 in medium, $5000 in Hard. {{#if: Tower Description|

Tower Description

Powerful tower that moves around the map, blasting bloons with bombs. Each bomb can destroy 5 bloons in a small area. {{#if: |

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The Monkey Tank is a new tower. Unlike other towers, it moves around the map. It can pop lead, frozen, and black bloons, and it can attack any other bloon.


Path 1:

Focused Turret: Blast Area and Popping Power increased.

Missile Flinger: The tank will now fire missiles at bloons, which are stronger and fire farther..

Bloon Mines: The tank will now deploy bloon mines. Bloon Mines will explode when a bloon touches it. When it explodes, it will pop all bloons in a small area.

Power Mines: The blast area of the Bloon Mines is increased, and they deal extra damage to MOAB-class bloons.

Path 2:

Bloon Radar: The Tank may attack Camo Bloons.

Super Range: The tank has increased range.

Power Treads: The tank's movement speed is increased.

Doomsday: Doomsday Ability: Launches a powerful missile that blows up all bloons in a small area. You need to click on it, then click on the area you want to blow up.

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