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Orange Bloon

Very fast. Use supermonkeys.



6 {{#if: Child|


Pink Bloon {{#if: Parent|


Black Bloon; White Bloon; Purple Bloon; Camo Bloon; Mint Bloon (One spawns from a Purple Bloon, Two spawn out of each other bloon) {{#if: Speed|


Nimble enough to outsmart a cannon {{#if: Recommended|


Glue Gunner; Monkey Glue; Monkey Apprentice

An orange bloon is a bloon that is between the Pink and Black/White bloons on the Hierachy o' bloons. It is faster than its ancestors and the bloons below it.

Idea 2: Contains an idea-1 Purple Bloon.

Idea 3: Contains 3 black bloons

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