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The Bloonopedia like the Towers fountain in BTD5 keeps all information about bloons. Each time you successfully pop a bloon the first time the information of it is added and you get a notification. Appears as a giant book on the main menu.


Red Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 1 The Red Bloon is a wimpling who can be completely wiped out in a single hit. He also produces no children. I've never seen anyone so wimpy. Even his color is wimpy. First appearance: BTD1 Blue Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 2 It's faster than the Red Bloon. And has a Red inside. First appearance: BTD1 Green Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 3 The Green Bloon is quick, that's why some consider it to be the best of the bloon army early on. If it's true though is still weak because only takes 1 hit to pop and contains a wimpy Blue Bloon. First appearance: BTD1 Yellow Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 4 Speedy, has a green bloon inside. Zips faster than you can say (Is so fast because Apopalypse Bloon super charged him with extra helium.) First appearance: BTD1 Pink Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 5 I can't believe this can you understand me I'm a Pink Bloon and I am fast! First appearance: BTD4 Black Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 9 This guy grew up in a war. After years of pain, made self-immunity to explosions but been small. First Appearance: BTD1 White Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 9 Growing up in Neverest, only Absolute Zero freezes it. First Appearance: BTD1 Lead Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 19 This bloon resists any sharp attack. First Appearance: BTD2 Zebra Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 19 Crossed from a Black and a White bloon, contains what is crossed from. First apeearance: BTD4 Rainbow Bloon HP: 1 RBE: 37 Contains 2 black and 2 white bloons. First Appearance: BTD2 Ceramic Bloon HP: 10 RBE: 84 Made of clay allowing it to take 10 attacks, they use up many lives, Sun Gods are enough. First Appearance: BTD3 MOAB HP: 200 RBE: 536 This is the first bird. Has 4 brown eggs. First appearance: BTD3 BFB. HP: 700 RBE: 2844 The bloons realized that the monkeys could easily beat MOABs by BTD4, especially with a Sun God. So they made the BFB. This thing is super tough and even has four MOABs piloting it inside. First Appearance: BTD4 Z.O.M.G. HP: 4000 RBE: 15376 The biggest real blimp so far. This bloon is the Mk. I. First Appearance: BTD5

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