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featuring the new massive enemy of shaitan, Shaitan Blimp!

Shaitan Blimp

Shaitan Blimp, Shaitan's biggest and worst enemy

name: Shaitan Blimp

rbe: 4x of mmbfbotabotg

parent of: mmbfbotabotg

child of: none

encountered at: round 225 (does not appear in Contra Bloons Tower Defense)

class: warship

Size: 4x of mmbfbotabotg

special: immune to monkey glue, road spikes (thus this blimp ain't made out of lead) immune to shaitan, shoots towers with it's turret



after bw3 (bloons war 3), all of the blimps/bloons are defeated by 1 shaitan, which is fully upgraded, (however not using it's ability) and defeated all of them and destroyed the hq, however, before bw4 (bloons war 4), this massive warship of mmbfbotabotg, is in combat and has shaitan-proof armor (immune to shaitan and it's ability)


when bw4 starts, this massive blimp is in combat and shaitans fire at it but nothing happen, but 1 shaitan just used it's ability but nothing happen, so they sacrifice with ultra monkey and it's instantly killed


since after bw4, it is destroyed by ultra monkey with shaitan but more will come in the far future...

Strategy for this monsterEdit

  • of course, it is immune to shaitan and it's ability, you need some strong towers (ultra monkey, zomg zombifiers or sun gods) to take it down, but you need alot of them to take it down since it's rbe 4x of mmbfbotabotg
  • some fighters are useful to take this down, but they are a waste of money
  • since it's one of the strongest blimps, you need alot of sun gods, fighters, ultra monkeys and zomg zombifiers are needed to take this down


  • it's the most powerful blimp since it's immune to shaitan