Note: These are all extreme towers created by numerous different users. Revenge monkey: This monkey gains power as you lose lives instead of through upgrades, which means that if you are almost dead, it will become a sun god without any differences(except that your next to dead)

Ninja kiwi plasma shooter upgrade: acts exactly the same as the sun god

Ultimate destroyer: pops anything that comes by. Costs 5000000000000 on easy, medium, and hard. Upgrades include ultimate devastation- its area of effect becomes the whole map, ultimate god of gods- destroy ballons before they appear, excellent btd5- game over!

Infinite super monkey storm premium upgrade that can summon unlimited sms's. Code: 1300000000

Premium upgrade for super monkey called death ray. Activated when laser vision upgrade is bought. Same thing as in BSM. 2x damage when upgraded to Plasma Vision, and 3x power of Plasma Death ray when upgraded to Sun God. This may even work for the Monkey Temple at 2x damage of normal Monkey Temple (for extra 10,000 dollars).

Monkey armed with a Astrolaser 2067 that unbelievably cuts through 100 000 layers of bloons at 6 570 rounds/minute, not even the greatest and the biggest bloons in the game has a chance to survive the Astrolaser 2067's hyperdevastating force. ====Upgrades: Upgrade 1 - Xstrolaser 2089 increases the monkeys range which covers the whole map and a Xstrolaser 2089 which unbelievable can cut through 10 000 000 layers of bloons.====Upgrade 2 - Qrystxxxlaser 2097 gives the monkey a infinite range and no matter how strong the bloons are can be totaled annihilated of the map.

Supernova God is an upgrade for the Sun God that adds 4 extra sunbeams to it's already-so-deadly-that not-even-The-Bloon-is-a-survivor-because-of-this-stupidly-outragously-very-overpowered-but-it's-power-is-like-983453457344534953475834-The-Bloons' attack.

The Monkey: This is the ultimate tower you can build, just like The Bloon is the ultimate boss. You can only build ONE of this tower. The unique aspect of this tower is that you can control it YOURSELF. When you select it, you can see a targeting sign similar to the Mortar Tower, and where you click, The Monkey will shoot at that place; this tower has infinite range. The splash area of this tower is extremely large, almost as large as the Super Monkey’s Super Range; and it has almost instantaneous reload speed. Initially, the shots of The Monkey will bring down volleys of darts and bombs. Level 2: The volleys of shots fired by this tower will now include ice balls, poison bombs and corrosive glue splatter. Level 3: The volleys of shots fired by this tower will now include special attacks such as tempest tornado, electricity, gravity, and multi-layer-stripping attacks. Level 4: The darts and bombs shot by this tower will be replaced by energy attacks such as laser, plasma, and sun ray. Level 5: Every 5 seconds, all non-boss bloons inside the splash radius of this tower will be wiped out. This is similar to a localized Monkey Storm, and is the most powerful and expensive ability in game.

Legacy Tower: You can have it shoot everything from each of the btd 1, 2, 3, 4. First upgrade: Btd2 towers (it first starts with the btd1 towers.) 2nd: Btd3 towers .3rd: btd4 towers. 4th: btd5 towers final: Superhypersonic speed. make it really expensive. Death monkey: fires lots of +36 more damage than previous monkey cop lasers. Monkey Emperess Black Hole (Yes, 5 upgrades!): Black hole sucks in (pops all layers of) up to 30 bloons at once! Does not affect Blimps. Also gives a shooting upgrade. Cost: 8500/10000/12500

Awesome Face Tower destroyes bloons when the get onto the screen.