T.G.B.F.B.M.M.M.M.B.F.B.O.T.M.M.P.O.T.M.M.M.M.P.O.T.F.O.T.G is a super-sized blimp, it contains 4 M.M.B.F.B.O.T.A.B.O.T.Gs , with a hp of 97,088, it's extremly hard to pop, contains 5 tigrises in bloons fanon

name: T.G.B.F.B.M.M.M.M.B.F.B.O.T.M.M.P.O.T.M.M.M.M.P.O.T.F.O.T.G (TGBFB for short)

rbe: 97,088 (117,088 with shield)

parent of: MMBFB (4)

real name: The Giant Brutal Floating Behemoth Of The Mega Mega Mega Mega Brutal Floating Behemoth Of The Mega Mega Poop On The Giant Brutal Floating Behemoth Of The Farting Of The Giant

other massive blimpsEdit

moab>bfb>zomg>MMBFBOTABOTG>lolz & atotw>TGBFB>TTGL bloon>mega moab>mega bfb>mega zomg>godmodder bloon>Unknown bloon


  • it is known as: TGBFB
  • if anyone knows what it looks like, it looks like an oversized ZOMG with the mmbfb's colors
  • it is unknown why this blimp has such a long name

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